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Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition


Any Indian citizen not below 18 years of age and who are interested in social welfare work and follow the rules and regulations of the Society may become members of the Society, who shall pay subscription of Rs. 100/- yearly payable on 1st April, and Rs. 100/- as admission fee. A person desirous of joining the Society shall apply in writing on a prescribed form to the Secretary of the Managing Committee who shall forward the same to the Managing Committee which shall be entitled to reject or accept the same without assigning any reason thereof.


A. Resigns or dies or becomes unsound of mind or bankrupt.
B. Sentenced to imprisonment by a competent court for any offence involving moral turpitude.
C. If found by the Managing Committee to be engaged in activities which are against the interest of the Society.
D. Any member in default in payment of subscription for a period exceeding three months from due date shall cease to be a member.


A. Every application for the admission as member of the Society shall be addressed to the Secretary of the Society.
B. No application shall be considered unless the applicant is proposed by a member and seconded by another such member.
C. Every such application shall be considered in the meeting of the Managing Committee and shall be accepted or rejected by a vote of majority (same) as those failing under Rule -3 of these Rules.
D. Every applicant shall be informed in writing by the Secretary about the decision of the Managing committee which shall be final.