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Rural Development

Rural Development

The project aims at rejuvenating traditional self-care methods by re-introducing basic yogic practices. These programs are scientifically structured to bring participants to a better way of living, one that is more healthful, more effortless, more fulfilled and fosters social kinship. Out of his deep understanding of rural people and his comprehensive knowledge of the science of yoga, YSS has designed 2-3 simple yogic methods which rural people can easily grasp and practice.

ARR holds two categories of adult programs (3-day intensive and 6-day extensive) in the villages. These programs include physical postures (Asanas), breathing exercises, life awareness speeches and meditation. Yoga classes also introduce community games to both the program participators and general public of the village where the classes are held.

Separate 10-day fun-filled classes, especially designed for children, are held in cooperation with the village schools, orphanages, and summer camps.

Despite the physically active life of rural people, over 50% of the mobile health clinic patients suffer from chronic ailments such as ulcers, musculoskeletal disorders, and respiratory disorders including asthma. In addition, contrary to the popular image of rural people being relaxed and joyful, many are suffering from stress related diseases such as hypertension and depression. These health conditions are just symptoms of a far deeper affliction of rural India. Historically, despite their poor economic situations, Indian rural people lived a content and fulfilled life. This was possible because the social and the spiritual structure of the society always protected them. In the absence of these structures, the popularity of a new urban lifestyle is destroying the fundamental rural virtues, and the rural people do not have the where-withal to appropriately achieve the former.

So there is a dire need to establish a system that not only helps the current health conditions of these people, but also brings an inner balance among them. Yoga is definitely one such system that has tremendous potential to bring health and wellness in an individual, on all levels.

To date, sustained yoga practices has cured many participants of their chronic diseases such as ulcers, hypertension, asthma and allergies. In addition, the villagers have expressed a general sense of mental peace and happiness after attending these classes. Many addictions such as alcohol, tobacco and others, have been effortlessly overcome through these practices.